Q. In what :style" do you shoot?
A.  We prefer a mix of styles to wedding photography.  This way you can get all the traditional family shots that are important as well as a number of photojournalistic or candid photos that best capture your personality and the spirit of your day.  This also means that you get to spend more time enjoying your wedding, rather than posing for the camera.  

Q.  Do you shoot color or black & white?
A.  The easy answer is:  Yes!  We capture all of our images in color, but since we shoot digital we have the ability to convert to black & white, sepia, duotone, or anything else you can imagine.  You donít have to choose between color or black & white, with us you can have it all. 

Q.  How many photos do you take?
A.  The number of images we capture depends on the length of the wedding; all of our weddings packages offer an unlimited number of exposures.  We generally take somewhere between 200 to 400 pictures.  Then we edit these down to the best and post them in your web gallery for your friends and family to view and purchase. 

Q.  Who will be the photographer at my wedding?
A.  Unless otherwise specified and barring any catastrophic disasters Mike or Alan Shakarian will be there to shoot your wedding. 

Q.  Do you use film or digital cameras?
A.  We capture all of our images with the latest professional Nikon digital cameras.  With digital we can deliver images in color, black and white, or sepia tones.  Additionally digital allows us to retouch images and create other items that were much more time consuming with film.  With modern digital cameras, print size is no longer an issue as we routinely print digital images at 20x30 and larger.  The best part about shooting with digital cameras is that it allows us to deliver your images to you more quickly then ever before.

Q.  Can I customize my album or other features of my wedding package?
A.  Of course!  Call us for an appointment to meet or come visit our studio. 

Q.  Do you shoot engagement and bridal portraits?
A.  Absolutely.  We highly, highly recommend this to all our couples because this gives us the perfect opportunity to work together and become comfortable with each other. 

Q.  What types of albums do you carry?
A.  We carry only premium book bound albums offering both a choice of the flush mount storybook style album or the more traditional matted albums.  

Q.  Can we buy additional prints not included in our package?
A.  Yes.  We include our reprint prices in our bridal packet.  You are free to either use our convenient online ordering system, or stop by our studio to purchase any additional prints youíd like.  Also when you book your reprint prices are locked in even if our print prices go up later you pay the same prices we quoted you when you booked. 

Q.  Can I purchase the high resolution images files from my wedding (i.e. ďdigital negativesĒ)?
A.  Certainly.  CDís or DVDís are available and free with an additional $500.00 print order. 

Q.  How far in advance do you typically book weddings?
A.  Weíre often booked six months to a year in advance.  But sometimes dates occasionally slip through the cracks.  Regardless, we recommend booking as soon as possible, as there are no guarantees, and once were booked weíre booked!

Q.  So how do we book?
A.  We require a signed contract and a non-refundable deposit to reserve your date.  The remainder of the balance for your wedding package will be due one week before your wedding date.  

Q.  I definitely want to book.  Canít you hold my date without a deposit?
A.  No.  Sometimes, plans changes weddings dates change or budgets change and brides have to cancel.  While we're holding your date we canít accept any other inquiries.  Our time is our most precious commodity and any weekends we donít work we donít earn a living so we book on a first come first serve basis. 

Q.  What types of Payment do you accept?
 A.  We accept personal checks, money orders, and cash. 

Q.  How much do you charge for travel?
A.  It depends on where you want us to go!  Generally, the travel fee for a wedding that does not require an overnight stay is minimal.  For travel that requires an overnight stay please ask for a quote. 

Q.  When can I see my photos?
A.  Usually one week after your wedding your digital images will be available to view at www.iphotos.us.  Your digital proof book will be available two weeks after your wedding. 

Q.  What options do I have for viewing my images?
A.  All of our packages include free online proofing, and your choice of a digital proof book of 300 or more photos or 4x6 prints in a proof album.  The amount of 4x6 prints depends on the package you choose. 

Q.  Do you retouch your photos?
A.  Proof photos are not retouched.  However any picture you order will be reviewed and retouched if necessary and within reason.  As wonderful as Photoshop is there are some things that simply canít be done without looking obvious.  If you break out with a blemish before your wedding thereís no need to worry,  weíll take care of that, free of charge.  Every bride deserves to look as beautiful as she can on her wedding day. 

Q.  Is there any fee for retouching or color correction?
A.  No, minor retouching is included.  If you pay for an image itís our job to deliver that image to you the way you want it.  There is no additional charge for retouching, color conversions, or basic art effects. 

Q.  How long do you archive images for after the wedding day?
A.  We guarantee we will preserve your images for at least 1 year after your wedding date, but we typically keep photos on file much longer.

Q.  Why hire a professional photographer?
A.  Anyone can take a nice picture but thereís more to photographing a wedding than showing up with a camera.  Professional photographers use there years of training and experience to produce consistently excellent images under pressure.  Pros bring studio lights and have back-ups on hand in case of equipment failure.  Also, consider service after the wedding.  A professional photographer provides retouching, photo editing, studio services, album design, and much, much more. 

Q.  Why not use an amateur?
A.  Good technical skills alone do not make a good wedding photographer.  A professional acts professionally, regardless of stress, time constraints, or familial discord.  Also amateurs donít have backup equipment, donít design albums, donít have online viewing for your friends and family, donít retouch your photos, and donít know how to pose people.  Remember, itís your only wedding and there are no second chances. 

Q.  Why is professional photography so expensive?
A.  Photography is something you can spend as much on or as little on as you want, but you get what you pay for.  With a professional youíre not just buying photography your buying years of experience and education, dozens if not hundreds of hours of skilled labor using tens of thousands of dollars worth of professional equipment to produce heirlooms your children and their children will treasure forever and most importantly piece of mind.  When you donít hire a professional you simply donít know what youíre going to get.